1920, January 19: Agent Guthrie, BOI, St. Louis, MO, re "EVA ZLOTCHEVR, alias EVA ADAMS - BOLSHEVIK MOVEMENT IN AMERICA"

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W. L. Guthrie, Bureau of Investigation, St. Louis, MO, re "EVA ZLOTCHEVR, alias EVA ADAMS. - BOLSHEVIK MOVEMENT IN AMERICA," January 19, 1920.

Significant Content BOLDED AND QUOTED:

Page 1:

On January 8th subject called for mail at the General Delivery and was detained by Detective Sergeants Agee and Collins and brought to this office and I am attaching hereto statement, which was taken from her.
Later a telegram was sent to the Chief advising that the above subject is in custody here and is not naturalized, that she had in her possession radical literature and is a solicitor for the Liberator. . . . [JNK NOTE: The "not naturalized" reference is another indicator that Eve does not have to be treated to the rights of a US citizen, and can possibly be deported.]
During this period subject was kept under surveillance and while she was being detained at this office a thorough search was made of her room at the Pontiac Hotel and copies of the "Melting Pot," printed in St. Louis; "The St. Louis Labor" printed and published by the Socialist Party of St. Louis. "The Big Stick" printed in New York; "The Liberator" printed in New York.
In her possession we found the following letter:"

"Page 2": “Ethel Shor” to “MY dear little Eva” from 210 E. 103 St. Oct 21, 1919.

At bottom of page: "Copy of this report sent to Immigration Bureau."

Statement Taken from Eve (5 pages)

"Page 1": Eve interviewed by Farrell: 1920, January 10: Wm. F. Farrell, BOI, St. Louis, MO, "STATEMENT"

"Page 2": Eve interviewed by Farrell continued (see above).

"Page 3": Eve interviewed by Farrell continued (see above).

"Page 1": Eve interviewed by Deuber: 1920, January 10: Inspector Deuber, “STATEMENT OF EVE ZLOTCHEVER ADAMS,” St. Louis, MO

"Page 2": Eve interviewed by Deuber continued (see above).

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