Fellowships and More

OutHistory Fellowship Program – October 2023

            The OutHistory Fellowship Program (OFP), launching in 2024, is designed to support the presentation of high-quality LGBTQ+ historical exhibits on the OutHistory website. In 2024, the OFP will provide four US$1500 fellowships for projects on under-represented topics in North American LGBTQ history. Under-represented subjects include African Americans, Asian Americans, bisexuals, immigrants and refugees, incarcerated people, Latine people, Muslims, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, people with disabilities, and sex workers. Examples of current OutHistory exhibits can be found here.

            To apply, please submit a 500 word project proposal and a vita/resume to outhistory@gmail.com. The proposal should describe the project, identify the under-represented topic, identify major project expenses and sources of funding (if any), provide a project workplan/timeline, and identify the types and/or an inventory of objects, materials, artifacts, images, and/or scans that will be included. Final projects are expected to include 1000-5000 words of text and a set of 10-50 objects, materials, artifacts, images, and/or scans. The deadline to apply is 1 January 2024. Results will be announced by 1 March 2024.

            OutHistory Fellows will be expected to work with OutHistory’s director and advisory board members to develop their project, submit a complete draft by 1 July 2024, and submit a final version by 1 September 2024. Publication is expected by 1 March 2025. Each fellow will receive a $1500 honorarium on publication of their project on OutHistory.

            For more information, contact OutHistory director Marc Stein at outhistory@gmail.com.


OutHistory Newsletter Editor 

            OutHistory, the LGBTQ history website founded by Jonathan Ned Katz, is searching for an editor for the website’s new quarterly newsletter. We anticipate that the newsletter will begin publication in June 2024. The content will highlight new and old OutHistory exhibits; profile board members, content contributors, research assistants, and community-based interns; promote OutHistory’s fundraising and development goals; and provide related information. The editor will be expected to design, produce, and disseminate the newsletter via email and social media.

            To apply for the position, please submit a vita/resume and a letter of application to OutHistory director Marc Stein at outhistory@gmail.com by January 1. The newsletter editor will receive a $500 stipend for initial newsletter planning and design and $500 on publication and distribution of each newsletter issue.

OutHistory Public History Internships and Student Projects 

            OutHistory, the LGBTQ website founded by Jonathan Ned Katz, is interested in partnering with college and university faculty, especially those affiliated with public history and LGBTQ studies programs or classes, to support student internships and student projects. We envision (1) working with faculty and students to design, produce, and publish high-quality LGBTQ public history exhibits for OutHistory, and (2) working with faculty and students to maintain, upgrade, and improve the accessibility of existing OutHistory website features and exhibits. These can be individual student projects or collaborative class projects. While we do not have funding for paid internships, we anticipate that some faculty will be able to provide student interns with course credits, credit for class assignments, and financial stipends. For more information, contact OutHistory director Marc Stein at outhistory@gmail.com.