Eve Adams Research Suggestions

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Adams, Eve.
 Missing Manuscripts. Eve reports in a letter to Ben Reitman on December 12, 1930, that “I am writing a group of prison stories,” stories apparently based on her US prison experience.
Eve says that two of the tales “were accepted here in Paris by Sam Putnam, for his magazine ‘The New Review,’” and were scheduled to appear in March. “The Workhouse is Raided, Prison Sketch by Eve Adams” was  listed as forthcoming in the New Review, August–October 1931. But The New Review ceased publication before that date. Jonathan Ned Katz was unable to find this manuscript or any of the others to which Eve refers in the Samuel Putman Papers. (See Katz, Daring Life, page 110.)
Eve said in the same letter to Reitman that she had also sent three other prison stories to Max Eastman, former editor of the Liberator and the Masses, “to place them,” and she was “writing more.” Katz was unable to find any trace of these stories in the Max Eastman papers. (See Katz, Daring Life, page 111.)
*Can anyone find any trace of any of Eve's "prison stories"?
*Did Eve ever publish anything in French, in France?
See also Soldner, Hella Olstein.

Ann (or Anne) See "Martin, Anne," below.

Bald, Wambly. He published a memoir: ON THE LEFT BANK 1929-1933. By Wambly Bald. Edited by Benjamin Franklin 5th. (Ohio University, $19.95.)
Did he leave any papers or published writings that reference Eve? 

Banton, Joab H. Banton, New York County District Attorney (1922-1929)
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joab_H._Banton#:~:text=Joab%20Hamilton%20Banton%20(August%2027,Attorney%20from%201922%20to%201929.
Variety's most sensational story about Eve Adams appeared on xxxx.  From Katz's The Daring Life and Dangeroous Times:
New York City district attorney Joab Banton and the police believed that Eve “was being financed as a procuress” for a Ring of Rich Cultists, as Variety’s headline proclaimed.71 The district attorney was “ferreting out a supposed ring of wealthy women cultists known to be operating” in Greenwich Village. Calling lesbians “cultists” demonized them; calling cultists “rich” played on class resentment.
Can any of Banton's files on Eve Adams be discovered in the New York City Municipal Archives, the New York Public Library, or elsewhere?

Barington, Louis. See "men" below.

Berkman, Alexander.
Are there any more Eve Adams references in the Berkman Papers at the University of Illinois, Chicago or in the Berkman and Goldman papers at the International Institute of Social History?
See International Institute of Social History: https://search.iisg.amsterdam/Record/ARCH00040.
In the back notes to The Daring Life, Katz notes some references to Eve in Berkman's papers. What exactly do these say?
See also: Nice, below.
Did Berkman or Goldman ever refer to Eve's arrest, trial, and deportation?

Boreysho, Menakhem (Menahem Boraisho). See "men" below.

Brassai. Could there be any photo of Eve in the archive of the photography known as Brassai (Gyula Halasz)?

Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department, and J. Edgar Hoover. 
Who else were they investigating from 1910 through 1930? How many others?
Who else and how many did Hoover and other BOI and federal and state and local officials help to deport or jail?

Note that after The Daring Life and Dangerous Times was published, a talented researcher, Brian Joseph Ferree, found a large file of additional Bureau agents reports spying on Eve and interviewing her. These documents are included on OutHistory in the Eve Adams "Documents" section. See: 1920, January 12: Hogan, Memo for Hoover re "ROSE STRUNSKY Alias EVA ADAMS" Katz plans to include a new chapter or section in a future revised edition of his Eve Adams biography.

What was the "Confidential List of Radical Publications Falling Under Deportation Law" that one of the agents investigating Eve mentions (in regard to her possibly selling such publications)? Source: Eve Adams Documents. Citation forthcoming.

Burke, Eulalia. Eve mentions her as a friend in a letter to Berkman. Did Burke ever write and/or publish anything about Eve's arrest, jailing, and deportation?  See Katz, Daring Life, p. 51.

Calhoun, Dorothy Donnell, and Harold Gilmore Calhoun. Is there any reference to Eve in their papers? See Katz, Daring Life.

Cambpell, Jean. What more can be learned about Jean Campbell, the partner of Ruth Norlander, described by Eve in Lesbian Love, in the character of Irene in Eve's story about Sorine and Irene. The 1940  US Census ists Ruth Norlander, age forty-four, living with Jean Cambpell, thirty-three, single, a “wage or salary worker in Government,” working as a “Clerk & Typist.” See Katz, Daring Life, pages 82-83, 242. Are there any photos of Cambpell?

Katz suggests that Jacob Marinoff, editor of this Yiddish periodical at the time of Eve's arrest, jailing, and deportation, June 17, 1926 - December 7, 1927, might well have published or written some response to Eve's troubles since he had been her boss and perhaps friend while she sold the journal. Archives of the journal?
Will someone research the archives of the Der Groyser Kundes ?
Are there any Jacob Marinoff papers?

See also Marinoff, Fania. See also: periodicals: 1926 and 1927

Dixon, Violet. Eve refers to Dixon as a friend in a letter to Ben Reitman. Dixon was an artist in Chicago. Are there any Dixon papers archived?

Edwards, Robert. 
What more evidence can be found about this politically conservative bohemian antagonist of Eve Adams that would help to illuminate his character and motives? See Katz, Daring Life, on Edwards.

Farrell, James T., and Dorothy Farrell. 
Might there be more in the Farrell papers about Eve? See Katz, Daring Life, on Edwards.

Fitzpatrick, Jay. 
What more evidence can be found about this informer on Eve Adams to the US Immigration Service and the Bureau of Investigation?
For Fitzpatrick see Katz, Daring Life.

France, Nice and Paris. 
What else can be found out about Eve's and Hella's years in Paris, Nice, and elsewhere in France?
What did it mean that Hella and Eve usually refer only surreptitiously to Hella's brother Andre sending them money? What sort of restrictions were there about sending money to people in France?

Gay, Jan (a.k.a. Helen Reitman). 
Are there any references to Eve in any of the papers or publications of Jan Gay?

Goldman, Emma. 
Are there any additional references to Eve not mentioned in OutHistory's Eve Adams Chronology in Goldman's papers or in Katz's biography?

Husband, William Walter. MAJOR MISSING DOCUMENT. 
*Can an in-person survey of Husband's papers discover “File No. 68309”?
See: William Walter Husband Papers, Chicago History Museum, Chicago. 

A letter from “W. W. Husband,” “Commissioner General of Immigration,” is quoted in Jay Fitzpatrick’s sworn testimony on June 23, 1925, USDLIS #1, 1.

The alleged date of Husband’s letter, May 26, 1925, is perhaps incorrect. Husband was actually commissioner general of immigration through May 15, 1925, and then served until 1935 as assistant secretary of labor, focusing on immigration.

Jonathan Ned Katz was not able to find Husband’s actual letter in the files of the US Department of Labor or the US Immigration Service.

*Can more be discovered about Husband's role in initiating and leading the investigation and surveillance that led to Eve's entrapment by a New York City policewoman?

*Is there more about Husband's role in the Dictionary of Races and Peoples that would reveal his politics in regard to Eve?

left, anarchist, socialist press: 
Are there any responses to Eve's arrest, trial, jailing, and deportation to be found in the left press, for example in The New Masses, in the years 1926-1927?

*What other lesbians did Eve know, or have any sort of interaction with?
Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap? Sylvia Beach and Adrienne Monier? Henry Miller's wife in New York and Paris? Djuna Barnes? Natalie Barney? Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas? Dr. Marie Equi? (see Katz's suggestion in The Daring Life.)
*Can any of the lesbians Eve describes in her book Lesbian Love be identified?

Marinoff, Fania. 
Did the actress leave any papers in which she might have mentioned Eve?
See also Carl Van Vechten.

Martin, Anne (or Ann)
Before Eve opened her Hangout at 129 MacDougal Street, advertisements suggest that she partnered with a woman named Anne (or Ann) in a store at the same address. Is it possible to find out more about this Anne and her connection with Eve. 

Besides Ben Reitman and Alexander Berkman, who were the other men in Eve's life and what was her relationship to them? 
Did she ever have a romance with a man? Reitman suggests that she had an abortion. And Eve suggests that she talked about free love at a dinner with Jacob Marinoff, his wife, his sister Fania Maninoff, and her husband Carl Van Vechten.
Menakhem Boreysho (Menahem Boraisho): The name of one alleged man friend is named by Eve's cousin Zackai Zecharia: "In Yiddish/Jewish circles, [Eve] circulated among writers, for a time was close to the poet Menakhem." The reference is to Menakhem Boreysho (Menahem Boraisho), see http://yleksikon.blogspot.com/2014/11/menakhem-boreysho-menahem-boraisho.html; see OutHistory: https://outhistory.org/exhibits/show/evad/zz.
Louis Barington: In another document, Bureau of Investigation agent Farrel asks Eve "Who is Louis Barington?" Eve answers "A friend of mine in Washington." Who was Barington and what was his relationship with Eve?

Miller, Henry. 
Might there be more in the Henry Miller Papers or other Miller sources referring to Eve?

Do the Henry Miller Papers at the New York Public Library include any new references to Eve?
Is there more to be learned about Miller and his friend Perles destroying an issue of The New Review and did that have anything to do with the disappearance of Eve's article set for publication? 

See Miller in the following:The Phoenix Vol 8 Nos 3 and 4, Summer 1982 | PDF | Astrology - Scribd. "The copies I gave out here to be sold, through the woman Eve Adams, ... is an authentic letter of ... pages addressed to my friend Alfred Perles." LINK https://www.scribd.com/document/101700280/The-Phoenix-Vol-8-Nos-3-and-4

Mlawa, Poland. 
*Is there more to be learned about Eve's hometown that would help us understand Eve?
*Are there any photos of Mlawa in the 1920s,1930s, 1940s?

Can any more be discovered about Modernity, the theater piece which played two weeks “to surreptitious patronage,” at the Play Mart, “a cellaret playhouse on Christopher Street” in Greenwich Village?
 The Play Mart had “housed arty projects from time to time,” and the playhouse had been sublet for four weeks to the troupe behind Modernity, who called themselves “the Scientific Players.”
*Can more be discovered about the producers and actors in Modernity? See Katz, Daring Life, re the producer of Modernity.

Neagoe, Peter
Did Neago or his wife, the painter Anna Frankeul (who used the name Anna Neagoe), ever write about Eve?

See Katz, Daring Life, page 112.

Nice, France
Can more be learned about Eve and Hella in Nice

See Nowhere at Home, Letters from Exile of Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, p. 124.

Nin, Anais
Are there any additional references to Eve or Hella in Nin's diaries and papers?
See Katz, Daring Life.

Norlander, Joan. What more can be learned about Joan Norlander, Ruth's daughter? Is there a photo or illustration of her?

Norlander, Ruth Olson
*What more can be learned about Norlander?

*Can any of her paintings be found?
*Can her painting of a nude Eve be found?
*Did Norlander's daughter Joan leave any papers?
*Did Norlander ever write anything about Eve?
*Is there a photo or illustration of Ruth?

*Are there any reproductions of Ruth's paintings?
*Do any of her paintings exist?
*Norlander is mentioned in the U.S. Census as an artist employed in a particular business. What was that business?
For Norlander see Katz, Daring Life. 

Olstein Soldner, Hella. 
*What more can be discovered about Hella, Eve's companion and housemate of about thirteen years?
*Is there more about her as a singer that would be illuminating, for instance about the music hall songs she sang and the "realiste chansons"? See the two photos published in Katz, Daring Life.
*Can more be discovered about Hella's marriage to Gaston Soldner and about him?
*Are there more advertisements for her singing in French newspapers then are listed on the OutHistory Eve Adams Chronology?
*Daniel Olstein told Livia Parnes that the talk in the Olstein family was that Eve had "adopted" Hella. (Parnes to Katz email, June 4, 2023.) This should most probably not be taken as literal. Eve does write to Reitman about her first meeting with a sickly Hella and taking care of her. 
For Olstein Soldner see Katz, Daring Life. 

Opatoshu, Joseph
Do his Mlawa Stories (in Yiddish) or other writings reveal anything significant about the Polish town, Mlawa, from which Eve emerged?

(1) This is the New York Public Library listing for what is apparently the original edition of 106 pages.  Author  Opatoshu, Joseph, 1886-1954.
אפאטאשו, י., 6881-4591.
   Title   Mlaṿe--Nyu-Yorḳ : dertseylungen / Y. Opaṭoshu.
מלאווע--ניו-יארק : דערציילונגען / י.
Imprint Ṿilne : B. Ḳletsḳin, 1939.
ווילנע : ב. קלעצקין, 9391.
      Permanent link for this record
   Location        Call No.        Status  Message
      SASB M1 - Dorot Jewish Division Rm 111        *PTL (Opatovsky, J.
   1939)    AVAILABLE       USE IN LIBRARY
   Description     196 p. ; 21 cm.
   Series  Gezamlṭe ṿerḳ ; bd. 15
געזאמלטע ווערק ; בד' 51
   Call No.        *PTL (Opatovsky, J. Mlaṿe--Nyu-Yorḳ. 1939)
   Research Call Number    *PTL (Opatovsky, J. Mlaṿe--Nyu-Yorḳ. 1939)
(2) Here is the YIVO listing for what appears to be a later edition of the same book of 306 pages:

Title: Mlaṿer dertseylungen
מלאווער דערציילונגע
Creator: Joseph Optatshu (1886-1954)
Subject: Short stories.
Publisher: Buenos-Ayres : Y. Iṿan un Ś. Iṿan-Burshṭin, 1954.
Creation Date: 1954
Physical Description: 306 p. : port. ; 21 cm.
Language: Yiddish
Call/Accession Number: 000043390
Collection: YIVO
Notes: Title on t.p. verso: Relatos de Mlava.
System Number: CJH_ALEPH000044770
A researcher obtained the two editions of the above books from the library of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: Mlava-Nyu-York (Vilna 1939) and Mlaver dertseylungen = Mlaver stories (Buenos Aires 1954). She reported: There is a small amount of overlap between the two collections. Seven stories in the 1954 collection appeared in the 1939 book. Three stories from the 1954 edition were published in the digitized volume: Collected Works vol. 8 (Vilna 1928).
One brief story (Di Mlaver eyde = The Mlaver community) describes the townspeople fleeing en masse during the first world war. She read six stories in their entirety. Four of them had some forms of variation from gender or sexual norms from what one would expect in that time and place. Most of these have characters who are magicians, fortune-tellers, entertainers, herbalists, healers, hermits, etc., in other words, people who are a bit on the margins of society. Note the book: Joseph Opatoshu: a Yiddish Writer between Europe and America edited by Sabine Koller, Gennady Estraikh and Mikhail Krutikov. This biographical article describes when Opatoshu lived near or visited the Mlava area:  http://yleksikon.blogspot.com/2014/08/yoysef-joseph-opatoshu.html

periodicals, anarchist, left, liberal, libertarian, radical, socialist, syndicalist, 1926 and 1927
Did any of these report and comment on Eve's arrest and deportation?
What about U.S. foreign language newspapers and magazines?
See also Der Groyser Kundes. "
See also: Goldwater, Walter, "Radical Periodicals in America: 1890-1950. Does the "Left Index" include any references to Eve Adams? What about the "International Index of Black Periodicals: 1900-Present? What about periodicals in other countries in 1926 and 1927, especially, France, Germany, Poland, Soviet Union?

Poland (1891-1912; 1920s-1940s)
What more can be discovered about the Polish context from which Eve emerged that would shed light on her?

probation officer's report
A “report” by Eve’s “probation officer,” Variety alleged [on July 21, 1926], questioned how Eve had been able to pay the rent on her tearoom and apartment—sinister financial backing was insinuated. Investigators had asked Eve who was financing her, but she had “refused to talk.” Eve’s determination not to inform on others is several times documented; Variety presented it as a sign of her cupidity: “Reports around the Village are . . . that she has stood pat throughout the proceedings upon promise to be taken care of liberally.” Quoted from Katz, Daring Life, pages 73, note on 238.
On October 7, 1928, Bureau of Invesigation Agent Jankovski also relayed false information reported by Eve’s probation officer: “The alien had served terms in prison in Chicago and was deported from there.” An “Eve Adams” and an “Evelyn Adams” had been arrested in Chicago on “disorderly conduct” charges, reported Jankovski, though no records had been found of either’s deportation. The Agent  presented no evidence that those common names referred to Eve. See Katz, Daring Life, pages 90, note on 245.

Can the report by Eve's probation officer be discovered, perhaps in the New York Public Library or in the NYC Municipal Archive, or elsewhere? THIS WOULD BE A MAJOR FIND and Jonathan Ned Katz would love to hear about it.

Putnam, Samuel
Does an examination of his actual papers include any reference to Eve?

Reitman, Ben Lewis
Katz suggests that someone needs to personallygo through ALL the Reitman Papers at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Library and Archives, looking for two photos that Eve sent to Reitman, and for the originals of all her letters, and any other materials relating to Eve or her friends and acquaintances.See the notes in Katz, The Daring Life. Katz suggests that this is an especially important major research project.

Rexroth, Kenneth
Do the papers or published interviews and essays by this poet and memoirist talk more about Eve Adams and Ruth Norlander?
See Sources quoted in Katz, Daring Life.

Shirt Waist Makers Union
Shirt waists were women's blouses with collars and buttons down the front like men's shirts.
Eve tells Bureau of Investigation agent Farrel: "I worked in a shirt waist factory in New York k City," for a "Mr. Halperin," for two-and-a-half or three years. If Eve began work for Mr. Halperin when she arrived, her years in his shirtwaist factory would have been from about 1912-1915.
Questioned by agent Deuber, Eve says: "I belong to the Ladies Waist Makers Union in New York."
*Can somebody research shirtwaist factories and unions, 1900-1920; see "The Ladies Waist Makers Union."
*Is it possible to identify the shirtwaist factory owned or run by a "Mr. Halperin"? Eve's cousins on her mother's side ran several shirtwaist factories (information provided by Ivy Silberstein). Did Eve possibly work in those factories? 
Katz in Daring Life identifies a hotel opened by a progressive shirtwaist union. Katz describes "Little Jimmie" visiting a hotel run by a shirtwaist union. Katz suggests that Little Jimmie may well have been a stand-in for Eve.
*Can we learn more about the hotel Katz cites?

Sienna, Noam
"Ten Unanswered Questions: An Unconventional Interview with Eve Adams," [review of Katz, The Daring Life and Dangerous Times of Eve Adams], In geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies. December 2021: https://ingeveb.org/blog/ten-unanswered-questions. Sienna, a historian, asks numbers of useful questions about Eve's relation to Yiddish culture and history. He calls Katz's book a "thrilling and meticulously-researched biography," and "a sensitive portrait of Adams' life."
Can Sienna's questions be answered and the result be sent to Jonathan Ned Katz at OutHistory?

Van Vechten, Carl
Are there any mentions of Eve in his papers or scrapbooks at Yale?

West, Mae
Can any more be found about Mae West and Eve together in the women's prison (or workhouse) on Welfare Island (now Roosevelt Island)?
See Women's Penitentiary, Welfare Island, below.

White, Watson
Did this actor friend of Eve's ever write anything about her?

Women's Penitentiary, Welfare Island
Are there any archives in the New York Public Library or elsewhere referring to this place during the time Eve was imprisoned there?

See also: Mae West, above.

Yiddish press
Did any of the Yiddish newspapers or periodicals in New York or elsewhere comment on Eve's arrest, jailing, and deportation? See Der Groyser Kundes, above.
See Periodicals, above.

Zloczewer Family Papers
Are there any more references to Eve in her family's large collection of letters and cards, in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Polish, now in the Eran Zahavy Collection?
Anyone interested in studying these papers should email Jonathan Ned Katz at outhistory@gmail.com  Katz has photographs of all of these letters and cards in Yiddish, Polish, and perhaps other languages.