1920, January 12: Hogan, Memo for Hoover re "ROSE STRUNSKY Alias EVA ADAMS"

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F. B. Hogan, “Memorandum for Mr. Hoover / In re ROSE STRUNSKY / Alias EVA ADAMS / Alias EVA ZLOTCHEVR,” Department of Justice, Bureau of Investigation, Washington, DC, January 12, 1920.

Two pages.

Page One:
Note that Rose Strunsky is listed as the birth name, and aliases are allegedly Eve Adams and Eva Zlotchevr.

Speaking of the Silver Sea-House Inn, Washington, D.C., "Eva ZLotchever . . . bushy hair and who dresses in a masculine way" is an 'almost nightly frequenter of the place." She represents herself as "a great friend of Emma Goldman, and has stayed with that woman at various times.' (Bureau Chief #3)"

Note "bushy hair and who dresses in a masculine way." What other similar references to Eve's appearance are documented, and what do they imply?

The Silver Sea-House Inn, Washington, D.C.: What can you learn about it in digitized newspapers or other sources?

A later source says "her real name is Strunsky" according to "Hajek" and this follows '(Valjavec - 12/3/19)"  Who was Rose Strunsky? Why did the agent's mix her up with Eve Adams?

"Subject is reported to be an I.W.W. organizer and associated with Morris Zanzoff. (Chamberlin - 7-11-19)."
What was the I.W.W (The Industrial Workers of the World), and how did US governement officials respond to it?  Who was Morris Zanzoff?

Page Two
"None of the above magazines [sold by Zlotchevr/Strunsky] appear on the black list as set out in letter of instructions to agents of the Department of Justice . . . ."

"I would suggest that Agent McLaughlin be instructed to question her as to whether she is a member of the Communist Party, the Communist Labor Party or the Union of Russian Workers."

Agent Hogan talked to Agent Grimes who said "that he could only state that she had in her possession I.W.W. literature which has been placed on the black list by the Labor Department."

The black list of literature by US Labor Department officials.

Document discovered by Brian Joseph Ferree on FOLD3.