1920, February 11: Agent Suter, BOI, re "ADAM alias ZLOTCHEVER Radical"

1920:02:11 %22Letter signed Suter, Feby 11, 1920%22.jpg

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[Card] J. T. Suter, as reported by E. M[urray] Blanford, [Bureau of Investigation], San Francisco, CA, February 11, 1920.

[Top row:] [unclear, perhaps] 202606-171-1] Justice 11-9-20 
W.M. Branford, Agt
Letter signed Suter, Feby 11, 1920 ([unclear] LEP W) 
Adam alias Zlotchevr Radical arrived yesterday. Am
covering, Any action desired.
[unclear] By Hoover   wire   11-9-20