1919, December 27: Agent Campbell, BOI, Washington, DC, re “Bolshevik Movement in America - EVA ZLOTCHEVR, traveling under the name of EVA ADAMS"

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Agent Milton D. Campbell,
Bureau of Investigation,
Washington, DC,
re “BOLSHEVIK MOVEMENT IN AMERICA – EVA ZLOTCHEVR – Travelling under the name of EVA ADAMS,” December 27, 1919.

Significant Contents:
Agent Campbell interviewed the journalist Macnamee and reports: Eva Adams "was a close friend of EMMA GOLDMAN and ALEXANDER BERKMAN," and her name was "Eva Zlotchevr." She "worked her way to this country in the steerage and has been closely identified with radicals." 

Topic for discussion: "worked her way . . . in the steerage"
Is this true? Did Eve actually claim she had worked her way to the U.S. in the steerage part of a steamship? Other reports talk about Eve boasting and exaggerating her exploits. (See rumor reported by Dr, Charles T. Bayliss in 1920, November 9: Agent Blandford, BOI, San Francisco, re "Adam alias Zlotchevr radical".) If Eve did boast and exaggerate, what might this mean about her?

Document discovered by Brian Joseph Ferree on FOLD3.