1920, November 9: Agent Blanford, BOI, San Francisco, re "Eva Adams alias Zlotchevr radical" & Bayliss informer


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Document 1
Agent E. Murry Blanford, Bureau of Investigation, to Baley, Department of Justice, Washington, D.C., November 9, 1920.

Text: "Letter signed Suter February eleventh nineteen twenty [LEP EVA] [illegible cross out] Adam alias ZLotchevr radical arrived yesterday. Am covering. Any action desired. BLANFORD."

Document 2
E. M. Blanford, Bureau of Investigation, San Francisco, re EVA ADAMS - ALIAS  EVA ZLOTCHEVR Radical Activities, November 9, 1920 [PAGE 1 OF 2].
Reports on Dr. Charles T. Baylis informing on Eve.
Copies of This Report Forwarded To Salt Lake City, Butte [MT], Los Angeles [another city unclear]

Topic for discussion:
Dr. Charles T. Baylis, his lectures, tours, and history.

Document 3
[continues report on Baylis above]
Refers to and quotes
J. T. Suter, Acting Assistant Director and Chief, to E. M. Blanford, San Francisco, [no date listed].
Text: ". . . one Eva Adams alias Eva ZLotchevr, who is known to have been a close associate of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman, is on a tour of the United States . . . . She is described as having bright red hair bobbed."

Topic for discussion:
"bright red hair bobbed" and other comments on Eve appearance.