1940, June 15: Eve to Yerachmiel Zahavy

1940-06-15 Eve to Yerachmiel 2.jpg 1940-6-15 Eve to YZ excerpt.jpeg

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Biarritz France June 15 1940

You will forgive me because

I have not answered your last letter rec.’d

in Nice. Have been in Cannes for 6 weeks

and now here since ten days. I would like 

very much to come to your country but 

[unclear word] difficult traveling now – and 

much funds are needed.  My companion [?] Hella [?]

is here with me. Do not know how long

we are going to stay here, but address mail

to following: Mlle Eve Zloczower, Poste Restante

BIARRITZ - France.  All my love



On the address side of the card is an additional note:

Please embrace your

wife and the dear

children for me.

Please write at

Once. I am anxious

to hear from you.



See second document for a close up of the unclear section referring to "My companion [?] Hella [?]."

Collection of Eran Zahavy.