1934, August 24: Eve to Yerachmiel Zahavy

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Translation from Yiddish original by Naomi Cohen:

August 24, 1934

Dear brother Yerakhmiel,

I wrote you a p.k. [postcard] from Landal [in Broualan, a commune in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in northwestern France]. Now I am at a resort 70 kilometers from Paris. I am only staying here a couple of days. 

I received your letter with the enclosure. I will eagerly reply to the letter when I am back in Paris.

The weather is nice here. Today I bathed in the river and rowed a boat.

How do you expect me to come to Palestine so quickly? First, one needs [to be able] to not work for a while and second, I must have at least 60 pounds for one month [or: I need 60 pound per month].



Translation from Yiddish original by Ri J. Turner:

Dear brother Yerachmiel
I wrote you a postcard from London. Now I'm in a country house 70 kilometers from Paris.  I'll be here for only a few days. I received your letter and the enclosure. When I'm back in Paris I'll go hungry and [therefore/then] deliver the letter.[1] The weather is nice here. I swam in the river and paddled a boat today. How do you expect me to get to Palestine so quickly? Firstly, it's forbidden to work there[2], and secondly, I'd need at least 60 pounds per month.  
[1] My colleague suggested that the enclosure is perhaps a recommendation on her behalf from her brother, which will enable her to get work or a loan, etc. This seems like a bit of a stretch but it's the best we could come up with so far.] 
[2] if "darf nit" is understood in the German meaning -- this seems most likely to me] / doesn't a person need to work there