1920, December 14: Agent Kosterlitzky, BOI, San Francisco, re "EVA ADAMS alias EVA ZLOTCHEVER . . . Radical Activities"

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Page 1:
Agent E. Kosterlitzky, Bureau of Investigation, San Francisco, CA, December 14, 1920, re: “EVE ADAMS alias EVA ZLOTCHEVR: 752 S. Main St., Los Angeles  Radical Activities”

Refers to letter from Agent E. M. Blanford dated Dec. 4, 1920.

Reports being instructed by Agent Sturgis to investigate Eve in San Francisco.

Agent Kosterlitzky, in Eve's absence from her hotel room, with a police detective, George Bauer, "made a complete search of subject's belongings, especially the contents of a small brief case and small handbag, also the loose correspondence found on a dresser and small table."

He reports finding two letters in Russian, one from a cousin in Petrograd complaining that he did not have the money to travel to the US.

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Page 2

Agent Kosterlitzky reports a second letter in Russian from a cousin in Kief, complaining of hard times, and that Emma Goldman [then traveling in the Soviet Union after being deported from the US] is "disgusted" with what she sees and anxious to return to the US.

Another letter from New York was in Yiddish which the agent could not read.

The agent reports that Eve is getting subscriptions to radical periodicals and names them. 

"A large suitcase was not examined, subject having returned to the hotel unexpectedly, the management having informed over telephone her return, we hastily put things into shape and left the room."

Detective Bauer stayed at the hotel

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Page 3
First line: “covering subject’s movements."

Agent Kosterlitzy followed Eve to a barbershop where she obtained four subscriptions. At another barbershop, she obtained three subscriptions. 

Kosterlitzy then rejoined Detective Bauer in Eve's hotel room and they again searched her papers. "No papers of a compromising kind were found," but Eve was clearly getting subscriptions to radical periodicals and they are named.

“Page 7” (sic) according to Fold3 but actually page 3 of Kosterlitzy’s report.
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Page 4

RE: “EVE ADAMS alias EVA ZLOTCHEVR: 752 S. Main St., Los Angeles  Radical Activities”

FIRST LINE OF REPORT: “C/O Liberator Publishing Co., New York.”

Agent Kosterlitzky translates a card to Eve in Polish from a relative, Sabina, in Mlawa, who reports that her brother-in-law would like to come to the US and is trying to get a passport.

The Agent summarizes: "From the investigation as practiced so far it appears that this woman's mission is merely one of obtaining subscriptions for radical papers."

The Agent called at the Mercantile Place Books Store, earlier raided by the County District Attorney's office, where "the most radical papers were sold." He reports: "Not one of the radical papers under ban were to be had now." When he asked the clerk for banned periodicals, including the Liberator, he was told that "their place was under surveillance, that they had been raided and were prohibited from selling 'ten of their best sellers.'" The clerk added that there was "now a woman in town named Adams

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Continued from page 4:

"who is taking subscriptions for 'Liberator' and other radical papers. . . ."

Kosterlitzky ended: "Detective BAUER is still exercising vigilance over subject . . . ."

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