1920, December 6: Agent Grotewohl, BOI, Fresno, CA, re "EVA ADAMS Alias EVA ZLOTCHEVR . . . Radical Activities"

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Agent George R. Grotewohl, Bureau of Investigation, Fresno, California, Dec. 6, 1920; re: EVA ADAMS alias EVA ZLOTCHEVR

The agent quotes a telegram from Special Agent George R. Hudson, dated Dec. 2, saying that Eve left Oakland, CA, that day for Fresno, CA. "Is small, bobbed red hair, unkempt. Department desires keep her under surveillance." 

another comment on Eve's appearance.

Agent Grotewohl reports that he could not find Eve in Fresno.

“Page 4” (sic) according to Fold3

[Top line] Request of San Francisco office

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