1919, July 14: Agent Grimes, BOI, New Haven, CT, re "Eva Adams: I. W. W. Organizer"

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Warren W. Grimes,
"Eva Adams: I. W. W. Organizer,"
Bureau of Investigation, New Haven, CT,
July 14, 1919,
to Bureau of Investigation, Washington, DC.

Significant Contents: Agent Grimes and Agent Chamberlin search Eve's hotel room and confiscate her papers.

Theme for discussion:
Local police and federal Bureau of Investigation agents as agents of a local government and the national state, working to suppress and perhaps arrest "agitators," that is anyone whose political activity they thought was a "radical," subversive challenge to the status quo.

Research: Photo of Hotel Flanders?
Can anyone find a photo, or postcard of The Hotel Flanders, in Waterbury, CT, around 1919?

Research: I. W. W.
Do texts or illustrations touching on organizing by the Industrial Workers of the World in Waterbury reveal anything more about Eve's situation?

Research Warren W. Grimes