1919, July 14: Agent Chamberlin, BOI. New Haven, CT, re "Eva Adams: I. W. W. Organizer"

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J.W.R. Chamberlin,
"Eva Adams: I. W. W. Organizer,"
Bureau of Investigation,
New Haven, CT,
July 14, 1919.

Significant content:

First Page:
Chamberlin reports that he and Agent Grimes searched Eve's hotel room and confiscated numbers of items.

He says that Eve "Lives at 134 West 12th street, N.Y.C."

He includes a list of the names found in notebooks among Eve's baggage. One of the names is Margaret Anderson, "24 West 16 st. N.Y.C." Anderson, a lesbian, and her partner Jane Heap, were the publishers of The Little Review.

Topics for discussion:
Privacy rights of Eve and left radicals. Free speech rights of Eve and left radicals.

Second Page:
Eve is said to be associated with Morris Kannoff, authorized organizer and delegate for the G.R.U. and the I.W.W.

The G.R.U. was the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Soviet Union from November 1918.(1)

The I.W.W. was the Industrial Workers of the World, a militant union which Bureau of Investigation officials crushed.(2)

Can anyone find out anything relevant to Eve by researching the address at which she was living?

Can anyone find out anything relevant to Eve about Morris Kannoff, the G.R.U. or the I.W.W.?

Do any of the names on the list of persons confiscated reveal anything more relevant to Eve? Margaret Anderson has already been mentioned.

Is there any evidence in any Anderson papers or publications that relate to Eve?

(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Intelligence_Directorate_(GRU)

(2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_Workers_of_the_World