1941, September 1: Eve to Ben L. Reitman

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Scan forthcoming from the University of Illinois, Chicago, Reitman Papers.

Eve writes the fifth letter to Ben Reitman. 

58 rue de France

NICE (Alpes Maritimes) Sept 1941

My dear Ben,

This will probably surprise you after such long silence on my part. But let us come to the point: I need not tell you what life has become here in Europe - and I want to desperately come back to the States. I must! And I need your help Ben in every way.  Everyone wanting to enter the USA now must have 2 sponsors in the USA. So I was thinking of you and Violet Dixon. 2) Visas or re-entry permits are not issued here on the continent anymore; it must all come directly from Washington and by writing to Washington nothing much can be done either for they have thousands of requests and cannot cope with it, so the only way to succeed is for someone capable to see the Department in Washington personally and only an influential [?] Person will succeed [?] that is the only way Ben.

Ben dear you are the only man in the USA I know of who has the will and is capable of turning wheels, so sleep on it and see what you can do for me.   want to get a permit to reenter the USA and for that I am enclosing 2 photos signed. I just turned 50 (good age) and photos taken only a few days ago. 

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I am in excellent health. Speak 5 European languages besides English and can be useful in many ways. A very conscientious worker when in an office, even the boss of my last residence in the States will vouch for me there -- Have my passport (Polish) issued in Paris the last time and all [?] Papers are in order. I also had my first American citizen papers issued in New York City Sept Oct 1923 somewhere around there is the date under legal name Eve Zlotchever (spelled) it is Eve Zloczower. My first permit to re-enter was issued in the summer 1925, name Zlotchover, and I handed it back to the authorities when I landed on the SS Minnekada -- on Dec 8, 1925 in New York Harbor.  Last time I left the U.S.A. it was Dec 6 1927 on the SS Polonia.

In order to get a permit to re-enter again they will ask why I have not applied before. I would of applied much before, but I thought I did not have a chance of coming back and only found out now different. The passage now on the [ ] Lines from Lisbon is now $400 must be also secured in the USA. After one has succeeded in getting the permit to re-enter. And from here to Lisbon is another $100. They told me at the US Embassy

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Now I shall give you the name of my uncle (mother's brother) in NYC with family. He couldn't do very much now, but I could certainly put up with the family for awhile once I land there, for I'd like to live in Chicago. His name is Isidore Meegdall, 4711 - 12 Ave Brooklyn -- and another good friend in New York Watson White sculptor, writer, millionaire a Harvard man and you can reach him at the Harvard Club of New York City.  There will be help from these 2 channels there. I am still making a living selling English books, but you with all the English gone and Americans all leaving so it is a great struggle. Therefore I have no savings whatsoever and if you succeed Ben all the money for the expenses has to come from the USA. But I can certainly make it up as I always did. I am a good saleswoman. Can promote business. Which is always essential and always [?] An excellent cook, housekeeper - and never shirk any work.

I hope Ben this reaches you in the best of health and I'd like to hear news of your son Brutus. He surely will remember his visit to us here in Nice and will want to know news of Hella. Well she is happily married to a poor artist and she is singer working on the stage and cabarets now living 

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[Savrie] [?] Mejere.  I would like to hear some news of your boy and would appreciate it greatly if he writes. I am all alone here. Father mother both died recently. 

Now that is all I can think of at the moment. I do hope to hear you that you are well happy Ben and tell me all the news of My Chicago friends.

Dear Ben, I know you will come to my aid after you think it over. It is not a little request I make! And you are the only one I can turn to and once I am back to the USA I can be of use and help there.  With all my experiences and travels here in Europe, no matter in which Capacity I am put to work there I shall make good. That is faithfully promised, for I know myself. Once I undertake a thing I carry it out.  All the very best wishes to all of you and love, Eve Adams

Name address for legal matters:
Miss Eve Zloczower (Zlotchover (spelled) in states on last permit and first papers).

58 rue de France, 58
Nice (A.M.)


Please excuse all the blotches now the ink is bad.. Difficult to find …just as everything else.  You will understand.



Transcription by Martha Lynn Reis, who sent it to Eran Zahavy, who sent it to Jonathan Ned Katz.

Researcher Marie K. Rowley found this in the Ben Lewis Reitman Papers, Series III, Box 10, Folder 171, University of Illinois, Chicago, Library and Archives.