1943, February 22: Hella to André Olstein and Eve adds a note (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Nice 22 Feb. 1943

My dear André,  

I thank you for your letter and I am very happy to finally have some news from you. How is Papa!  And Georges why doesn't he also write to me? I would also be happy to receive some good news from him [?]

As for my photos that you find sad, well it's for my work and [if?] my songs are sad I can not laugh.

But one day I will send to you a photo with a wide smile, beneath the sun and once again very warm.  Then I will take a photo on the promenade[,] then you will have a happier photo.

And for the meetings with my friends [?] that would also be the best of things, only I saw her sister and she told me it is impossible at this moment. At my home everything goes very well. Eve does my housework in my little apartment and my stomach is completely OK.

And Besteli [?] how is she?  If you see her give her my best greetings and tell her that in spite of my not writing I have forgotten neither her nor her husband.

And of Lina do you have any news? I ask myself frequently what has happened to her. Is she divorced?

You will certainly find me very curious [?] now but if you have news about her I would like to know where she is. And you are you going to marry soon?  And Papa and Georges?

You know that my husband has disappeared. It's the Geneva Red Cross that gave me that news which is not very gay. But I hope nevertheless that he is alive  He was so kind [“gentille”] Well one can only wait.

Ah, I again thank Georges for a card that arrived, but it took 6 [?] months to arrive. It did!?]  

So my dear André write to me very quickly some news and I embrace you with all my heart.

Kiss also Papa and Georges with all my heart and they should also write


Best greetings from Eve to everyone.

On the envelope: 

Monsieur the Doctor André Olstein
44  Missionstr. 44
Bâll  Suisse
Basle Switzerland 

Translation by Mimi Segal Daitz.