1925, June 23: Jay Fitzpatrick's Testimony, Ellis Island, NY

1925-06-23 Fitzpatrick statement.jpg

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Sworn Statement of Mr. JAY FITZPATRICK, Ellis Island, New York Harbor, June 23, 1925.

Note: Fitzpatrick's testimony of June 23, 1925, is the earliest dated document in the US Immigration Service file on Eve Adams. It indicates that a year before Eve's arrest, Fitzpatrick knew of a letter from W. W. Husband, Commissioner General of Immigration, Washington, DC, dated a month earlier, May 26, 1925.

Fitzpatrick indicates that Husband's letter responded to Eve's request for a permit to leave the US and return, and referred  to the matter of '"denying vise [visa] and requesting information in re entry into U.S.'"

This clearly suggests Husband and perhaps other US Immigration Service officials were alreadyconspiring against Eve with Fitzpatrick. PERHAPS FUTURE RESEARCH IN THE 1925 PAPERS OF WILLIAM WALTER HUSBAND WILL REVEAL FURTHER DETAILS OF THIS CONSPIRACY AGAINST EVE.

US Immigration Service file on Eve Adams, Katz #1, page 1 of whole file.