1921, February 4: Agent Keepers, BOI, Denver, CO, re "EVA ADAMS alias EVA ZLOTCHEVR: Radical Activities"

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Agent Fred I. Keepers, Bureau of Investigation, Denver, Colorado, February 4, 1921, re: “Eva Adams alias Eva Zlotchevr  Radical Activities”

Significant Contents:
“Reference is made to the following letter, dated Jan. 14, 1921, from Agent in charge, Sturgis, LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA.”

Sturgis' description of Eve includes:

"Jewish type; Hair cropped, medium dark
Complexion: Medium
Not attractive. Wears nose glasses."

Keepers reported that Eve had left a forwarding address on January 12, 1925 to "General Delivery, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, until Jan. 31, 1921."