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Columbia University
Columbia published an annual catalogue that provided information about all the schools and programs of instructions, lists of students, lists of graduates, etc.  These are freely available through the HathiTrust. 
The 1895 graduates are listed in the 1895/96 catalogue (divided by school).  
There is a table of contents, so you can see where to look in the volume for the lists of names:

Columbia also published volumes with lists of the graduates.  Look here: or here:  See also: New York University; University of the City of New York

New York Academy of Medicine

New York City, New York State Archives. List provided by Timothy Gilfoyle. As for archives, the first place you should look is the Municipal Archives of New York at 30 Chambers Street, especially if you have a date.  Start with the Police Court or Magistrates' Court index and see if you can find any of the names.  Then check the District Attorney Indictment Papers.  If he was prosecuted, he should be found somewhere in there.  The Mayors' Papers might be useful because some mayors had extensive correspondence with the police, but it was inconsistent among different mayors over time.  The collections that might be of use to you are:

Almshouse Collection, Admission, Discharge, and Male Registration Records, Workhouse, Blackwell's Island 
District Attorney Indictment Papers, Court of General Sessions.
District Attorney Indictment Papers, New York Supreme Court (unprocessed collection)
Minutes, New York County Court of General Sessions, 1857-1887.New York County District Attorney Record of Cases.
New York County District Attorney Scrapbooks, 1882-1901.
Mayors' Papers, 1870-1910.
New York City Department of Buildings, Block and Lot Folders.
New York City Police Court Docket Books.

If he was ever convicted and sent to a New York penitentiary, the New York State ARchives in Albany has the Admissions Registers for Sing Sing, Blackwell's Island Penitentiary and any other New York facility.   That 1897 date might warrant looking at the Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane which opened in 1896.  Here are the records I've used in my own research:

Executive Clemency Application Status Ledgers, 1883-1899 (A0626).
Executive Clemency and Pardon Application Ledgers and  Correspondence, 1849-1903 (A0629).
Executive Investigation Case Files of Charges Against Public Officials (A0531).
Executive Journals of Governors' Actions and Decisions, 1859-1916 (A0607).
Executive Register of Commitments to Prisons, 1842-1908 (A0603).
Executive Reports of Deduction of Sentences by Prison Agents, 1863-1883 (A0601).
Executive Register of Discharges of Convicts by Commutation of Sentences, 1883-1916 (A0604).
Clinton Prison, Outgoing Correspondence of Agent and Warden, 1845-1912 (B0118).
Clinton Prison, Admission Registers (B0098).
Clinton Prison, Diary of the Principle Keeper, 1868-84 (B0115).
Clinton Prison Chaplain's Office Statistical Register, 1889-97 (B0105).
Clinton Prison, Physician's Register of Inmates, 1890-1918 (B0100).
New York Court of Appeals, Minutes of Causes, 1847-1940 (J2006).
Department of State, Executive Clemency and Pardon Records, Executive Pardons, 1799-1931 (B0042).
Matteawan State Hospital Inmate Case Files, 1880-1960 (A1500).
Sing Sing Inmate Admission Registers, 1865-1971 (B0143).

New York University: If you think he graduated from NYU (which was  in the process of shifting from the University of the City of New York), you can see the volume which contains their catalogue (also with lists of students, prizes, etc.) from the time period in which Werther would have been a student here:   The volume above has several years together, so it takes some looking to get to the year that you want, but the 1895 graduates are all listed.

University of the City of New York. Any archive of graduates? (cum laude graduates in 1894?) See also Columbia University and New York University.

U.S. Post Office archives?: There are a number of archival collections for the US Postal Service (at the National Archives and Records Administration, at LC, at the US Postal Service itself, which has a historian, at the Postal Museum). Here’s a basic list of resources:  See also Comstock, Anthony.


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