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Every item you access on OutHistory, whether it is an item on our bookshelf, a bibliography, a timeline, or a feature, is meant to be a starting point for your own research. In the Archives gives you insight into collections that are waiting for the right historian to come along. Explore our site and learn about the past, so that you’re better equipped to make the future you want.

But you can also help us make history in more ways than one. 

You can share your own research and writing. You can document your own community. You can write biographies of people everyone should know about. You can help make the chronology of LGBTQ life visible by adding to our timelines. You can archive and share documents you have discovered and oral histories you have done. You can publish your scholarship. You can write for our blog. And you can become part of a living archive of memories and experience by telling your own story about key events in the LGBTQ past.

Please note: general searches do not include the blog or timelines, which need to be searched separately.

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