There are many ways you can participate in the mission of OutHistory to make LGBTQ+ history easily accessible to a broad audience. You can tell your friends about OutHistory, so that more people visit the site. You also can be more actively involved.

History isn’t just the story of the rich and famous, of kings, presidents, and military heroes. Everyone’s experiences are part of history and have contributed to the world in which we live. We want to capture your experiences through our “Tell Us Your Story” feature. Go to it and see if you have memories to share.
We want your stories!

If you’re a researcher, we want Outhistory to be a place where you can share your work. People are sharing research on a wide range of topics and in a variety of ways. Share your research about a place, a person, an event, an organization: if it’s about LGBT history, we want to know.
Contact us to get started.

Some of you are teachers. We hope to put up more material that can be easily adapted for classroom us, especially for high school and middle school. Meanwhile, if you are a college or university teacher, perhaps you can assign your students research topics that can make their way on to OutHistory. Check out an example from David Palmer at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and one from Catherine Jacquet's TGI history class at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Finally, we want to encourage people interested in history to be in touch with each other. Become a friend of OutHistory and go to our Facebook page where you can post questions and find others with your interests.