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David Bowie

Born in the Brixton district of London, David Bowie [born David Robert Jones] began performing in bands as a teenager and soon changed his name. His first hit single was “Space Oddity” in 1969, but he achieved international celebrity rock status with his U.S. “Ziggy Tour” in 1972 and the song “Walk on the Wild Side.” Adopting the persona of the fictional Ziggy Stardust, he offered the public an eclectic and experimental music, and an unapologetic gender nonconformity, with his make-up and wild hairstyles. Bowie has produced thirty studio albums; his most successful was “Let’s Dance,” released in 1983 and selling 7 million copies. Bowie has also starred in movies, such as The Man Who Fell to Earth, and in plays, such as The Elephant Man. Married twice and a father, Bowie created headlines in the 1970s when he announced publicly that he was bisexual. He later said that he regretted the announcement, because of the distracting publicity it caused, and he has distanced himself from gay/bi culture and community. His most recent album is “The Next Day,” released in 2013.