Committee on GLBT Concerns

1991 Vern Williams meets with Dr. Griesen to discuss issues faced by Gay and Lesbian students at UNL and about the informal group of faculty, staff, and students who were meeting on a semi-regular basis to address these issues and to look into the extent of discrimination which gay and lesbian students experience at UNL. Dr. Griesen officially appoints The Homophobia Awareness Committee with the primary purpose to promote a positive, inclusive environment for gay men and lesbians in the university community.

1992 The Committee on GLBT Concerns sends a request to Chancellor Spanier for a Coordinator of Gay and Lesbian Concerns. Sexuality Education Coordinator position is created at the University Health Center in the Department of Community Health Education and working with gay and lesbian students is incorporated into the job responsibilities. Pat Tetreault is hired as the first and only person to fill this position.

Student group, Gay Lesbian Student Association (GLSA), continues to publish a newsletter, the Gayly Nebraskan. The Nebraska Union approves $1,200 for new furniture for the GLSA office.

1993 Can you tell which one is straight? Poster (joint project of GLSA and Affirmative Action & Diversity Programs Office)

1994 National Coming Out Day article in the Lincoln Journal Star.

1994 GLSA held a 20th anniversary banquet on April 9th at the Arbor Room in the East Campus Union. Lou Crompton, Eric Jolly, David Bolkovac and Gwen Fischer were given awards for their work on behalf of lesbians and gays on campus.

Tony D’Augelli is brought to campus with the assistance of the Chancellor and starts the CGLBTC annual Symposium Series, which brings a nationally known speaker to UNL to talk about GLBT Issues.

1995 ALLY Cards brought to UNL -- National Coming Out Day ~> ALLY cards (provided by the Sexuality Education Coordinator, Pat Tetreault, as a new addition to the Gay, Lesbian, Student Association’s (GLSA) educational materials. GLSA becomes GLBTSA. The twenty-first anniversary of the GLSA was celebrated with the Second Annual Awards Ceremony honoring Eileen Durgin-Clinchard with the Lou Crompton Lifetime Achievement Award and Kunle Ojikutu (the UHC Director) with the Pink Triangle Award.

1996 NU-wide benefits committee votes to deny domestic partner benefits to NU employees, tabling the topic until unspecified “financial, legal, and other issues have been resolved”. For a history of our ongoing struggle to obtain equitable benefits, visit www.unl.edu/cglbtc/.

1997 Someone You Know student group organizes NCOD activities including chalking; anti-chalking occurs;

First Graduate Assistant for GLBT Students located in Student Involvement, after the Chancellor approves and funds the position at the request of (and with the documented need for the position) by the Committee on GLBT Concerns.

UPC sponsors “Love makes a family” exhibit.

Allies against homophobia and heterosexism is a new student group on campus.

Mayor Johanns is asked to sign a proclamation for Lincoln Pride, which he declines although the Mayor’s office did not deny other requests for proclamations.

1998 Matthew Shepard murdered in Wyoming

Hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression is included as part of the then annual Take Back the Night march.

Mayor Johanns is asked to sign a proclamation for Lincoln Pride, which he again declines.

1999 In April ASUN introduces a bill to designate the group as an ally organization; bill passes. In their first action in 5 years, the ASUN student court ruled that the contested government bill did comply with student government by-laws.

Gina Matkin and Pat Tetreault provide a “How to be an ALLY” Workshop in the Nebraska Union.

Mayor Don Wesely signs and issues the first Lincoln Pride Proclamation.

Initiative 416 (Nebraska’s DOMA) starts with a petition drive to obtain enough votes to put the initiative, which would alter the state’s constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman and not allow for the recognition of same sex relationships in the state of Nebraska.