Report 8: Unusual Occurrence 4 Patrolmen injured


The summary police report of the Stonewall Resistance dated “Saturday, June 28, 1969 5 am," calls it an "Unusual Occ[urrence]."

In the listing of numbers of patrolpersons injured "3" is crossed out and "4" added.

Transcription of Report 8:

This transcription by David Carter and Jonathan Ned Katz follows line breaks in original document.

5:00 AM Unusual Occ. ["3" crossed out] 4 Ptl injured

Sgt. Tuilly [?] #910-6 Pct. present & reports following

unusual occurence: At 120 AM 6/28/69 at 53

Christopher St, The Stonewall club. 1 Div Ptrl [sp?]

entered premises with Search Warrant

#578 issued 6/26/69 and signed by

Judge Schawn. While therein and

effecting 5 arrests for ABC violations[2] and

attempting to leave premises with prisoners

they were confronted by a large crowd

who attempted to stop them from removing

prisoners. The crowd became disorderly

and a signal 10-41 was transmitted at 250 [?] AM[.][3]

In attempting to stop the Police officers

there were 4 Police officers injured.

1) Ptl [blacked out first name] Weisman Sec I 6 Pct Sta [Shd? = Shield] #228

[blacked out line]

received injury to rt [right] eye when he was

struck by an unk[nown] object thrown by

[blacked out] of [blacked out] NYC.

Ptl Weisman taken to St Vin Hosp. Treated

thereat by Dr. Camponella and released[.]

Diagnosis: Laceration rt [right] eye and scratched

cornea; Ptl reported sick MBI [?] prepared [?] 4F6 [sp?] #2637

2) Ptl [blacked out first name] Holmes [blacked out], Sec Sd #4026 [?]

6 Pct of [blacked out], while effecting

arrest of [blacked out] he was bitten

on the right wrist. Treated by Dr. Companella

St Vin[cent's] Hosp[ital] and released. Diagnosis: Abrasion

rt. wrist. Ptl Holmes remained on duty 4Fy #2638

3) Ptl ["Andrew" blacked out] Scheu nw ["MW"?] 28 #25892 of [?] 52 [?] -6 Pct

of [blacked out] while effecting arrest

ag ["against"? or "of"?] [blacked out] of [blacked out]

Bky ["Brooklyn"][4] to St Vin[cent's Hosp[ital]. Treated thereat by

Dr. Donnelly and released. Diagnosis: Contusion

& abrasion L. orbital area, Frac. L. wrist. Pcl [?} Scheu reported

sick MBI Prepared 4F6#2643

4) Ptl [blacked out] Colquhosen [?] #13605-6 Pct.

while effecting arrest of [blacked out]

[blacked out] NYC received [?] inj[ury] to lt. [left?] leg



[1] This reproduction of the original police report is made from a copy received by the late Michael Scherker as the result of a Freedom of Information Law request, and is in the Scherker Collection, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library. This document, in the public domain, is reproduced courtesy of that Library. Jonathan Ned Katz retrieved the document from Cornell, and he and David Carter collaborated on the transcription which is copyright (c) by Carter and Katz 2009. All rights reserved.

[2] "ABC violations" refers to the Alcholic Beverage Control division of the New York State Liquor Authority. Chapter 478 of the Laws of 1934, "known as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law,” created the [New York] State Liquor Authority and the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The Legislature enacted this measure "for the protection, health, welfare and safety of the people of the State." The SLA has two main functions: issuing licenses and ensuring compliance with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. The Authority's Licensing Bureaus are responsible for the timely processing of permits and licenses required by the ABC Law. The Compliance Unit is responsible for the protection of the public by working with local law enforcement agencies to uphold the law and bring administrative action against licensees who violate the law.” Cited on 4-22-09 from:

[3] Signal 10-41 was a call for help to the Tactical Patrol Force, a highly trained, riot-control unit of the New York City Police Department that wore helmets with visors and carried assorted weapons, including billy clubs and tear gas. See: Carter, Stonewall, 173,192-93.

[4] Stonewall police reports listed on OutHistory as Documents 4 and 5 indicate that Officer Scheu arrested Wolfgang Podolski, so it is Podolski who probably lived in Brooklyn.