Report 2: Against David Van Ronk




Officer Gilbert Weisman of the 6th Precinct charged that David Van Ronk, “Actor” (he was actually a well-known folksinger) “Did assault the officer about the face with an unknown object.” The heterosexual, resistant Van Ronk was arrested, handcuffed, taken into the Stonewall, and later taken away in a patrol wagon. He eventually pleaded guilty to “harassment,” a violation, and was later sued by Weisman for assault, and paid the officer a fine. Van Ronk's arrest was reported at the time of the rebellion, and is discussed in David Carter's history.

Transcription of Report 2:

Complainant's Surname People
Date and Time Reported 2:am 6/28/69
6 Pct {Precinct]
U.F. 6 No. 6820
Place of Occurrece Inside [checked] 53 Christopher St
C.C.D. No. 441261'
Pct of Arrest 6
Arrest Nos. 1590
Type of Premises Club
Crime or Offense (if any) Fel[ony] Assault
[unclear word] Officer's Signature Robert[?] Rodriguez[?] Lt [Lieutenant]
Details as Reported by Complainant and/or initial Investigating Officer Prisoner listed below [ARC ?] in that at the time & place of occurrence he did throw unknown object which struck officer in right eye causing injury to same. Ptl [Patrolman] Gilbert Weisman 10226 6th Pct [Precinct]
Descriptiono of Persons Wanted, Persons Arrested David Van Ronk