Jonathan Ned Katz, Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens: 1976

Katz's reprinting of the excerpts here of Hamilton's and Laurens' letters appeared in a section on "Love" in his book Gay American History (1976). This section began with the declaration: "The subject is intimate, deep-felt, often passionate relations between persons of the same-sex -- love." Katz added that this love was "documented in a variety of sources," among them the letters of Hamilton to Laurens. Katz explained: "These sources record and express a great variety of intimate same-sex relations," including "the bold, though mannered, seductive teasing in Hamilton's love letters to Laurens." Katz added: "The documents here present same-sex intimacy within a variety of social institutions, movements, and occupations: the American Revolutionary army is the setting of Hamilton's love for Laurens . . . ." In 1988, in "Alexander Hamilton's Nose," (see), writing again about Hamilton's and Lauren's letters, Katz stressed a specifically sexual reference of Hamilton's that he had missed in his first analysis of the letters.

Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, in Jonathan Ned Katz, Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A. (NY: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1976, p. 452-456).