Death is Not Shy Now

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Death is not shy now.

His streets are strewn with corpses.

The stench is foul.

The air toxic.

The sky black.

The weather icy.

The band plays dirges.

The prospect’s oblivion.



As if we had never lived.

There’s no redemption.

No happy end.

No afterlife.

No hope.

This is no horror movie.

This is real life.

Terrible to contemplate.


No copouts,

No illusions, please,

We atheists are brave

And brazen.

We defy you Death.

We look you in the eye.

We say:

“Fuck you, Death, fuck you!”

Despite you,

In spite of you,

We go to work,

Despair at greed,

Denounce injustice,

Savor our steak,

Cherish our beer,

Steal a few kisses,

Celebrate our luck

As long as it lasts.