Leighton and Kluckhohn's "Hermaphrodites or homosexuals," 1947

"Hermaphrodites or homosexuals"

In their 1947 book, Children of the People: The Navaho Individual and His Development, physician Leighton and anthropologist Kluckhohn write:

In the old days a few men (some of them probably hermaphrodites or homosexuals) donned women's clothing and took up women's occupations. Some such persons are still known, but all of them are middle-aged or older. It may be that the bachelors in their thirties who live in various communities today are individuals of these two types who fear the ridicule of white persons and so do not change clothing.[1]


Jonathan Ned Katz, Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A. (NY: Crowell, 1976) pg. 325.

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