Hormones: Transition Begins

April 28, 1980, Page 1

April 28, 1980. Page 1.

Dear David 4/28/1980

April 28, 1980, Page 2

April 28, 1980. Page 2.


Newsletter articles enable transmen to share experience and medical advice and serve as one of the most reliable places to find information about hormones. As doctors around the country continue to be uneducated when it comes to trans issues, and trans activists advocating for better treatment for trans individuals through standards of care, newsletters provide a way to share frustration as well as information.

Transition Photos

Unable to trust the medical community for advice, trans men often document their transition through photography. This not only provides documentation of the individual's transition, but it also allows other trans folk to imagine what their own transition could look like. Below you will find photos of Lou Sullivan's transition. Donated to the GLBT Historical Society, which Lou helps to establish, Lou wanted his life and work to be able to mentor to GLBT individuals after his death. While some may use these photos inappropriately, in today's society where so much inaccurate information about transmen can be found on the internet, these photos continue to serve the educational purpose for which they were intended.


  1. Dillon, Joe, "The Male Hormone Therapy Experience," Gateway 2:6, December 1979.
Gateway, December, 1979

FTM Issue 41, Page 2

FTM Issue 41, Page 1

Cartoon - FTM Issue 46

FTM Issue 41 -page 2

Lou Sullivan before hormones, 1974

Hormones Cartoon

Lou Sullivan, after hormones and before top surgery

Lou Sullivan, 1974

Before hormones 1974

Lou Sullivan, Pre-op

After hormones pre-op