Lesbian Mothers in the News

Lesbian custody cases were national stories, and made newspaper headlines throughout the life of the LMNDF. These news articles represent just a few of the cases featured in major newspapers.


  1. "Lesbian, in a Texas Trial, Loses Son to Ex-Husband" New York Times Dec. 24, 1975 page 42.
  2. "Gay Woman Loses Custody of Her Son to Her Mother" by B. Drummond Ayres Jr., New York Times Sept. 8, 1993 page A16.
  3. "Lesbianism Does Not Bar Child Custody, Court Rules" New York Times June 22, 1994 page A16.
  4. "Lesbianism Loses Court Appeal for Custody of Daughter" by Mireya Navarro New York Times August 31, 1996 page 7.
  5. "A Lesbian Who Won Child Custody Battle" by E.R. Shipp New York Times Sept. 5 1980 page B9.