Jo Rabenold Papers, Iowa Women’s Archives


The Lesbian Alliance is formed “to meet the political, cultural and social needs of lesbians” and begins publishingBetter Homes and Dykes. The organization sponsors dances, concerts, coffeehouses, workshops, softball games, and picnics as well as counseling and support groups. It meets at Wesley House early on but later works within the Women’s Resource and Action Center as the official lesbian voice for many programs: The Rape Victim Advocacy Program, the Domestic Violence Project, and Take Back the Night.


Jo Rabenold Papers, Iowa Women’s Archives


Iowa City Women’s Press Records, Iowa Women’s Archives


The Women’s Liberation Calendar, a project of the Iowa City Women’s Press, garners national attention. This edition was released in 1974.


Jo Rabenold Papers, Iowa Women’s Archives

Rustic Fairy Dreams, a publication and movement for rural gay men, is founded in Grinnell, Iowa, sixty miles west of Iowa City.


Jo Rabenold Papers, Iowa Women’s Archives


Gay Liberation Front changes its name to Gay People’s Union, devoting much of its energy to developing services for gays and lesbians not being provided by the University.

The Midwest Gay Pride Conference in Iowa City attracts nearly 800 and features workshops, a coffeehouse, a dance, an impromptu softball game, and a talk by Rita Mae Brown