This project has been percolating for a while. In our zoom group over the past three years, we have talked about many of the people and groups in this history, but never as a series of interconnected points along an arc of social history. So, this presentation is an attempt to connect Kaliflower, both the commune and the newspaper, with the emergence of a radical Queer sensibility in San Francisco. Everyone knows about Stonewall and what happened in June of 1969 in New York City. But not many know what happened in San Francisco several months earlier. Stonewall has become that watershed moment that divides two eras in the history of queer freedom. As well it should be. However, as we will see, a fully articulated notion of gay liberation had been formulated in San Francisco months before Stonewall. And the interesting aspect of this research is how it intersects with the history of Kaliflower.