History of Queer History Chronology

This chronology was produced by Jonathan Ned Katz with the extensive help of Sara Slager and with the generous permission of Gerard Koskovich. It is based on Koskovich's “The History of Queer History: One Hundred Years of the Search for Shared Heritage,” in Katie Crawford-Lackey & Megan E. Springate (eds.), LGBTQ Pre­servation and Place (New York City & Oxford, U.K.: Berghahn Books, 2019), chapter 2.

This timeline includes additions by Katz.

In this online chronology "Fall” and “Autumn” are listed as 09; “Winter” is listed as 12; “Spring” is listed as 03, and “Summer” is listed as 06. If a title includes a date or date range that title is included as well as the publication’s publication date. If more than one month or date is listed in a title only the first month or date is listed in the chronology. Birth dates of historic figures are listed.


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