1932, March 2: “Heterosexual” at Vassar

A section of a reported talk presented at Vassar by a “Mrs. Berle” is headed “Sexual Maturity Must Be Reached.” Under that heading we read: “ Psychological sexual maturity is the integration of our attitude towards the opposite sex, and depends on enlightened knowledge and favorable relationships with the other sex; the auto-erotic, homosexual, and heterosexual stages are the normal steps of growth in this respect.”

“Tests for Modern Lovers Important in Courtship. Mrs. [Beatrice] Berle Emphasizes That Selection of Mate is Not Enough.” Vassar Miscellany News, Volume XVI, Number 28, 2 March 1932, pp. 1 Accessed October 25, 2015 from http://newspaperarchives.vassar.edu/cgi-bin/vassar?a=d&d=miscellany19320302-01.2.11&srpos=1&e=-------en-20--1-byDA-txt-IN-heterosexual------#