Campaign Development

FIERCE is committed to exercising our power through strategic campaigns that win real victories for our communities. We ground our work within a long-term vision of changing the structures and root causes that give rise to the challenging conditions our communities face.

FIERCE has been able to change the terms of the public debate about quality of life and public safety in the West Village so that the voices of merchants and residents, politicians and police, are not the only ones that are heard.

Our S.P.O.T. (Safe Place to Organize Together) - Pier 40 Campaign

FIERCE is campaigning for a 24-hour LGBTQ drop-in center on Pier 40 (the pier directly south of the Christopher Street pier) to provide a set of holistic services young people of color in the West Village.

Safe Space Saves Lives Campaign

In 2005, FIERCE launched our Safe Space Saves Lives Campaign to ensure the needs of LGBT youth of color were not forgotten in the wake of the development of the Christopher Street Pier.

Cop Watch

Through our Copwatch program, FIERCE is committed to creating a West Village that is safe for everyone, especially LGBTQ youth of color who are often targeted by the police.