"Queer Pier: 40 Years." 1970-2010


Initiated to celebrate FIERCE’s ten-year anniversary, in 2010, Queer Pier: 40 Years is an arts-based archive project.

This project is designed to develop an infrastructure to incorporate archiving into FIERCE’s programming according to the values set by the organization’s mission.

The first public stage of Queer Pier, this page will document the living archive of FIERCE’s work by inviting individuals who have played a role in the political and arts community at the Piers to get involved in building its archive.

Queer Pier: 40 Years culminated in a participatory exhibition of contemporary art at the end of 2010.

The project publicly documents the organization’s commitment to youth-led grassroots organizing, leadership development and critical thinking. In the process, the project demonstrates the value FIERCE places in its living archive.Queer Pier also traces four decades of radical politics, art-making and community-building on Manhattan's West Side, celebrating a vital history out of which the organization emerges.