Final Speeches from "Coming Out!"

Gay-In and March

Female 1:

Today, together,
we have walked with joy
under a blue sky
and a yellow sun.
For too long in the past
in hiding,
we were night creatures,
sons of darkness,
daughters of the shadows,
fearful of the light.
For too long
we were strangers in this land,
queer people,
condemned to solitary,
your bastard children
consigned to oblivion.

Male 1:

For too long,
without protest or resistance,
we accepted it as natural
that your politicians
legislate us criminals,
your police
jail us for our outlawed acts,
your psychiatrists
deny our love legitimacy,
your preachers
condemn us for our sin,
your armies
discharge us with dishonor
(we are not good enough
to main and kill for freedom),
your employers
fire us,
your bullies
beat us,
your gangs
rape us,
your bigots
murder us,
your parents
disown us,
your comedians
mock us,
your liberals
tolerate us.
For too long
we accepted all this
as deserved
and natural.

Female 2:

For too long
we have been your laughing stock.
For too long
we laughed with you
and played the fool.
For so long,
for so many of us
there was something truly unspeakable
about ourselves,
a deep and secret shame.
We wore the mask.
Well, the masks are coming off,
your "freaks" are coming out fighting
to face you
in all our "unnatural" beauty.
Like those proud Blacks,
with their bushy naturals,
we "unnaturals"
are together coming out
to fiercely assert,
and joyfully celebrate
our natures,
without shame.

Male 2:

Our past shame,
we are at last learning,
did not come out of the blue,
it was your contempt
which we accepted,
and made our very own.
When we have finally realized
that the depth of contempt
in whicih we have held ourselves
is a true measure
of the depth of hate
in which you hold us,
our anger will be uncheckable,
our actions against you
will burn with rage.
in the words of a new-found comrade,
"Watch your step, honey".

Female 3:

In the past
we came to you
with the proper air of deference,
begging for acceptance,
and a little sympathy.
Well, you have missed your chance,
We not longer need your symnpathy,
There'll be no more begging,
no more hat in hand,
the down-and-outs
have had their day.

Male 3:

We who were invisible
now are walking in the streets
hand in hand,
smiling at each other,
At long last,
in public,
we dare to speak our name.
No, not speak, shout!
We have been silenced
for too long.

Female 4:

we will work and shout and fight

Male 4:

until we have our rights

Female 1:

until all gay people are free


until this society is changed.