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  • Transgender Children in Antebellum America

    This exhibit explores a series of stories published in children’s books and magazines in antebellum America. Some portray children being punished for transgressing gender roles, others expose the range of traits, actions, habits, and expressions that were associated with masculinity or femininity. For contemporary readers interested in the history of gender, these stories provide rich accounts of the possible ways that people could live across or between genders.

  • Jumping Overboard: Interpreting Evidence About Same Sex-Love

    An exploration of the brief but significant life of educator Juliette Derricotte

Welcome to Outhistory

OutHistory tells stories about the queer past, about people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.  It uncovers histories of same-gender love and of gender crossing in the recent and distant past.  We believe that knowing about this history can inspire and excite people, can rouse us to action, and can help us make a different future.  We believe that history is an especially valuable resource for LGBT people and our allies, since most of us did not grow up in families or communities where this history was easily available and taught.

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You can help us make history in more ways than one.  You can explore our site and learn about the past, so that you’re better equipped to make the future you want.  You can share your own research about the queer past.  And you can become part of a living archive of memories and experience by telling your own story about selected topics. Read More