Lesbian Resource Center - Oral HIstories

Mary Scott, on Lesbian Resource Center

Just hanging out at the Y -- God knows, there were a lot of lesbians, and the women who were not lesbians -- nobody batted an eyelash. “Sisterhood is powerful,” you know? Everybody was all together, everybody was friends, everybody was sisterly. And the men who came through there, and there weren’t that many, were gay men. When I came over here and went down to the Y at first, it was like a big homecoming! [with emotion] It was fantastic! “Oh, my God. This is where I really do belong!” And it was wonderful! ... And I’ve heard women down there say, “It was like coming home.” All these women I didn’t even know, and they’re lesbians, and we all got to know each other. ... I think a lot of people had that feeling. ...

So I was around the Center for -- up until about ’73 or ’74, I think. But that is certainly where I got my start with the lesbian community. [with emotion] Just the concept of a community was something -- that in itself was kind of overwhelming. Oh my God, a community! A home to come home to.

Mary Scott, interview by NWLGHMP, tape recording, Snohomish, WA, 12 May 2009.

Michele Nota, on Lesbian Resource Center/University YWCA

I went down to the old Slipper and then somebody said that there was this Gay Women’s Alliance in the University YWCA, on the Ave. And check it out for housing and stuff. And, so, I don’t know if it was still the Gay Women’s Alliance then, and it was just then changing to the Lesbian Resource Center. ...

Interviewer: And what did you find when you came to the Resource Center?

Michele: I found the University YWCA, which was in itself a social phenomenon. The Rape Relief, Divorce Co-op. Aradia Clinic was there at the time, Mechanica-Women in Trades, forerunner of ANEW. I mean, there was quite a little group of revolutionaries up there. [laughs heartily] And the Lesbian Resource Center. So it was like, which room do I want to go into? Oy, it was great! It was wonderful. The energy-- I just wanted to be there. I mean, with all of these groups. ’Cause it was everything I believed in. So, I hung out there a lot.

Michele Nota, interview by NWLGHMP, tape recording, Seattle, WA, 6 December 1997.