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==== SEO ====
==== SEO ====
* [http://www.aboutus.org/OutHistory.org#web-presence- work through AboutUs suggestions]
* cleanup of 6 online versions
* cleanup of 6 online versions
** pick canonical url
** pick canonical url

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I am a wiki walker of many years - you can also contact me at my main wiki MarkDilley.org

How would I link this project in here at OutHistory? GayHalifax HistoryProject

Cool - first time seeing this feature: Special:ActiveUsers - wonder if we can finesse the parameters?

Working on


Website maintenance options

  • keeping someone on a light contract



Look of website

  • What is wanted, what skin changes, etc.

Wiki best practices

  • Welcoming people
  • People pages for connecting and transparency
  • Naming conventions