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ASU and Watauga County LGBTIQ History [much of this can be easily adapted from my thesis]

                       Watauga County, NC general overview 
                                   Watauga County, NC to 1970s 
                                               possibly mention a nationally recognized folklorist and his homosexuality [no written sources and no oral sources are willing to go on record; he was accused of pedophilia and 'burned' out] 
                                   Watauga County, NC from 1970s to 1987 
                                               county response to ASU's 1st l/g student group [Watauga Democrat editorial cartoon, petition letters to Wey] 
                                   Watauga County, NC from 1987 to 2001 
                                               Biography of Terry Taylor (linked from PFLAG and AIDS) 
                                               Watauga County's first non-university LGBT organization, PFLAG 
                                               AIDS in Watauga 
                                                           Low incidence but affected by university 
                                                           AIDS Support Group 
                                                                       quotes from Pat Geiger interview 
                                               GLOW's failed attempt 
                                                           quotes from interviews with Cheryl Claasen and Cindy Long, journal article quote about bomb threat 
                                               Reparitive Therapy in Watauga 
                                               LGBT-affirming congregations 
                                               First Pride March, 1998 
                                   Watauga County, NC from 2001 to present 
                                               Boone Pride 
                                               WHS>>Day of Silence brohaha, Bigoted School Board, Diversity Club, GSA approval 
                                               Boone Impact 
                                               Dinner Groups 
                                               Carefree Cove (not actually in Watauga but advertises connection to ASU) 
                       Appalachian State University general overview                        
                                   ASU from founding to 1955 
                                   ASU from 1955 to 1969 [dorm staff manual, quotes from "Jim Sparrow"] 
                                   ASU from 1969 to 1979 
                                               Bio of gay professor who committed suicide, use pseudonym or not?  [photo, on campus plaque] 
                                               Gay Liberation  a la "Gay Mountain" and Wesley Foundation 
                                               Association for Women Students [interview with Dail Bridges] 
                                               Counseling Center 'homosexual support group' 
                                   ASU from 1979 to 1993 
                                               Student Newspaper desensitization 
                                                           Incidence on campus [image from NAMES project?] 
                                                           condom dispensers [quotes from Tom Beaman, Lee O'Malley, John Mager, Pat Geiger] 
                                               Gay Bashings [Paul Dodson and other incidents] 
                                               SAGA formation 
                                   ASU from 1993 to 2002 
                                               Guerilla Girls [image of mask? -- ask Neva for contact info] 
                                               Drag Shows 
                                               SAGA to BGLAD to BGLAAD 
                                               New breed of LGBT professors (Mary Ballard, Kim Hall, Jill Ehnenn (date of arrival?)) 
                                               Queer Film Series 
                                   ASU from 2002 to present 
                                               BGLAAD back to SAGA 
                                               New policy making with GLBT Taskforce: Voices Project, Appalachian Allies, LGBT Center [interview with Chad                                                           Wilson] 
                                               trans issues on campus 
                                                           new EEO 
                                                           bathroom and housing policies 
                                                           pro-active education via counseling center                                                        
                       Bibliography of sources