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A Chronology of the Life and Times of the Author of Autobiography of An Androgyne

This chronology of the life and times of the individual who called himself Earl Lind, Ralph Werther, and Jennie June, is intended to facilitate research. It is open to additions by anyone with citations to share. Please include full sources of any information.

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OPEN ENTRY: This entry is open to collaborative creation by anyone with evidence, citations, and analysis to share, so no particular, named creator is responsible for the accuracy and cogency of its content. Please use this entry's Comment section at the bottom of the page to suggest improvements about which you are unsure. Thanks.

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Bibliography on Earl Lind, Ralph Werther, Jennie June

Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, 1921



The author publishes Autobiography of an Androgyne under the name of "Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June)." [Check statement. Include complete publication data.]

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