Timeline: Treatment of LGBT People by Doctors and Psychologists

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Chronology of sources referring to the treatment of LGBT people by medical and psychological professionals

See also; Bibliography: Treatment of LGBT People by Doctors and Psychologists

From Jonathan Ned Katz, Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A. (NY: Crowell, 1976), Bibliography: II Treatmemt" 1884-1974", pages 596-598 and "Notes", pages .

Chronological Bibliography

Listed earliest to latest:

1866, August

Buck, W. D. "A Raid on the Uterus," New York Medical Journal, vol. 5 (August 1866), p. 464. In an extract from an address in 1866 by Dr. W. D. Buck, President of the New Hampshire State Medical Society, the doctor says: "A distinguished surgeon in New York city, twenty-five years ago [1841], said, when [Guillaume] Dupuytren's operation for relaxation of the sphincter ani was in vogue, every young man who came from Paris found every other individual's anus too large, and proceeded to pucker it up. The result was that New York anuses looked like gimlet-holes in a piece of pork." Buck goes on to say that the uterus, also, is being subjected to "surgical operations, and is now-a-days subject to all sorts of barbarity from surgeons anxious for notoriety." His statement, which bears further analysis, seems aimed at primitive abortion and birth control measures. A brief biography of Dupuytren is in John Talbott, A Biographical History of Medicine (N.Y.: Grune & Stratton, 1970), p. 342-44. Jonathan Ned Katz thanks Stephen W. Foster and Dennis Lampkowski for help with this research.

1889, September 7 and 14

Lydston, G. Frank. "Sexual Perversion, Satyriasis and Nymphomania," Medical and Surgical Reporter. Vol. 61, no. 10 (Sept. 7,1889): p. 253-58. (P. 253.) Vol. 61, no. II (Sept. 14, 1889): 281-85. A lecture delivered at the Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons. Although he discusses male and female homosexuality, Lydston makes no specific recommendation for treatment. But since he links homosexuality with satyriasis and nymphomania, there is an unspoken suggestion that it should be similarly treated; for the two "perversions" of which he speaks Lydston suggests "removal of irritation of the sexual apparatus," "anaphrodisiac remedies," "attempts to restrain sexual excesses, or to break the habit of masturbation." But if the "disease" is organic, it is probably incurable and requires more radical treatment: "In women, extirpation of the ovaries, or the procedure of Mr. Baker Brown--clitoridectomy--may be performed. Howe recommends the application of the actual cautery to the back of the neck. Basing this treatment upon the theory that the disease takes its origin in over-excitation of the nerve fibres of the cerebellum or some of the ganglia in the neighborhood, he also suggests blisters and setons to answer the same purpose. Dry cupping to the nucha is also serviceable. Means to restore the general health are always indicated. In the severe cases of the maniacal form of excessive sexual desire the asylum is usually our only recourse".


Krafft-Ebing, R. von. Psychopathia Sexualis, with Special Reference to Contrary Sexual Instinct. A Medico-Legal Study. Authorized trans. of the 7th enlarged and rev. German ed. by Charles Gilbert Chaddock (Phila.: F. A. Davis, 1893). Material on treatment of contrary sexual instinct.

1893, February 4

"Removal of the Ovaries as a Therapeutic Measure in Public Institutions for the Insane," Journal of the American Medical Association (Chicago), Feb. 4, 1893, p. 135-37. There may be an earlier article on this in January, in the same journal. Dr. Joseph Price mentioned: p. 136-37. Also see "Domestic Correspondence," same, Feb. 18, 1893, p. 182-83. For comment on this article see Dr. F. E. Daniel (1893) on OutHistory.org.

1893, August

Daniel, F. E. "Castration of Sexual Perverts," Texas Medical Journal (Austin), Aug. 1893: 255-71. Reprinted in Texas Medical Journal. Vol. 27, no. 10 (April 1912): p. 369-85· A note (p. 369) adds: "Under the title, 'Should Insane Criminals or Sexual Perverts be Permitted to Procreate?' this paper was read at the Joint Session of the World's Columbian Auxiliary Congress--Section of Medical Jurisprudence--and the International Medico-Legal Congress, August 16th, 1893, and also before the American Medico-Legal Society, New York, October 11th, 1893, and published in the 'Medico-Legal Journal' for December, and in the 'Psychological Bulletin,' New York." Dr. Daniel is identified in the 1912 reprint as the editor of the Texas Medical Journal.

1894, May

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1894, June

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1895, March

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1895, April

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1896, April

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1896, July

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1904, February 1

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Cave, F. C. "Report of Sterilization in the Kansas State Home for Feeble-minded," Journal of PsychoAsthenics, vol. 15 [1911], p. 123-25; cited in Arno Karlen, Sexuality and Homosexuality; A New View (N.Y.: Norton, 1971), p. 332. In the mid-1890s, F. Hoyt Pilcher, the head of a Kansas institution for the feebleminded, had four boys and fourteen girls castrated without legal authority. It was explained in his defense that castration would prevent "excessive masturbation and pervert [sic] sexual acts". Public outcry stopped further castration.

1912, April 6

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1913, March 22

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1913, August 2

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1915, December-1916, January

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1930, October

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1932, October

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1934, January

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1935, April

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1935, July

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1942, July

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1951, October

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1952, March

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1955, January

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