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Comments on Postcards: Masculine Women, Feminine Men; early-20th c.

Catmaran said ...
19:54, 4 June 2010 (EST)
I have been fascinated by these postcards, especially the ones that say "I hate to see a woman doing a man's job". There are tons of those depicting all kinds of women kissing.

Interesting also is that the ones I've purchased that were actually sent contain messages that have nothing to do with the image on the front. I have two postcards with similar images sent by a guy pleading with his girlfriend to reconsider and to take him back.

Am I missing something? What are these postcards about? Any thoughts?
Jnk said ...
23:08, 4 September 2010 (EST)
AN OUTHISTORY FRIEND WRITES: I think that to get the most of these images, it'd be helpful to build some context for them by adding such things as date. By grouping postcards thematically, elements begin to show. For example, I have a large collection of these postcards and I notice that the tweed half-jacket "mannish women", designed to ridicule and hinder suffrage, disappears during WW1. It seems that message contradicted the real world need for women to work "mannish" jobs during the WW1 labor shortage and so was abandoned. Admonitions such as a woman "doing men's work" would develop a man's tastes (resulting in lesbianism) failed and with them went the last barrier to the vote. In the spirit of historical co-operation, I am submitting the following dates for some of the cards posted which I have from my collection. Hopefully, other people can come together and submit their information as well so we can build a definitive collection. Masculine Woman cr 1905. Mollycoddle Series pm 1908 (all 5 in series). Mannish Maid pm 1908.

Miss Mannish pm 1909 A Counter-Part pm 1910 Hush Pa! It's Not a Man pm 1911 I don't Like to See a Woman (blue dress/brown coat) pm 1913 I Don't Like to See a Woman (old/young) pm 1917

Trouble with Pansies pm 1945
JDDoyle said ...
09:39, 19 November 2010 (EST)
Nice that you linked to the song on my site, but please send folks to see the whole page, with LOTS of info about many versions of the song.

Danc09 said ...
09:35, 25 February 2011 (EST)
Since I am among that rather dreaded of the gay male species -- that is, effeminate -- I found this article wonderful. Enjoyed the postcards immensely. As one who announces his homosexuality a block away (innate, no exaggerated gestures), it was fascinating to see the postcards from so long ago exploring the effeminate gay man in the public arena. If it's been tough for me, over the years, right here in NYC, where I've been teased, mocked, abused and worse because of my inescapably feminine self, what did those poor men go through? Thanks so very much for your remarkable research, all your effort and work.