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As a possible future way of funding the site should we include a SEPARATE list of corporate supporters and, perhaps, even their ads? We could encourage our users to look at and buy things from our supporters. Might we eventually want to include paid personal ads on a section of the site, as a way of funding it? 
'''Content on Site'''
Does the Contents entry and the Search function work well in informing you of the content already on OutHistory.org? Are there other or better ways we can inform users of the interesting content on the site?
'''Functionality of the Site'''
Are there ways to improve the functioning of the site?
'''Graphic Design of Site'''
Are there ways to improve the graphic design of the site?
Are there ways to find more free images to add to entries on the site?
Are there ways to encourage users to participate in creating the site?
Are there ways to publicize the site?
'''Social Networking'''
Do we eventually want to provide a social networking section to help people interested in particular subjects contact each other?
Are there ways to encourage teachers to use the site as a teaching tool?
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