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Comments on Kevin McCarthy said ...
21:56, 21 December 2009 (EST)
I saw the news where in the start of Dec. i dont know exact day, a black man was in your courtroom for numerous bites on policemen when they arrested him & a long rap sheet so long it couldnt be faxed and you through most of it out . I am scared to go on the streets at niter and you allow these sick indiv. to stay on th the streets. Who are you protecting. not the good people but the sick.
Papa Tango said ...
14:05, 11 July 2010 (EST)
Having grown-up with Kevin and known his family, I'm sorely disappointed in his resorting to name calling and agenda driven gender politics-both things that are detrimental to the truly fair practice of his work-to arrive at this achievement-

He apparently has the merit to have achieved his position without politicizing the process, so in having done this has let down an old classmate. --Good Luck and God Bless you Kevin