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Suzanne Poli Photo Exhibit: a view from my window

Christopher Street Liberation Day March 1970-85


On January 19, 1967- five days after the Haight-Ashbury Be-In which introduced San Francisco's Summer of Love, a young photographer named Suzanne Nashas moved into an apartment on Christopher Street in New York City. It was to be an inspired move for this independent artist who championed freedom and justice. History was to unfold before her very eyes and she was to record it for the world to see. No one knew at that time how significant the events outside her window were to affect the future of our society. Now we know.--Bruce Poli


Neighbors, circa 1974

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Text by Suzanne and Bruce Poli. Compiled for by Cecelia Martin.

Photos copyright © Suzanne Poli 1970-85. All Rights Reserved. No photos can be reproduced or use without written permission.