Sodomy law: New Netherland, 1613

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Death for sodomy

The New Netherland Colony, the area now known as New York, was under Dutch rule from this year until 1664, when the English took control. The law of Holland, which descended from the Roman Emperor Justinian, punished sodomy with death.[1] Sodomy cases in Dutch-held New Amsterdam were recorded on June 25, 1646; August 26, 1658; and May 13, 1660.

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Article adapted from Jonathan Ned Katz, Gay/Lesbian Almanac (NY: Harper & Row, 1983) p. 69.

  1. Louis Crompton, "Homosexuals and the Death Penalty in Colonial America," Journal of Homosexuality, vol. 1, no. 3 (1976), p. 282. Research Request: It would be useful to know the exact term for the crime in the original Dutch, and its connotations. TIMELINE ENTRY: 1613-1664: In the Dutch New Netherland Colony the law of Holland punishes sodomy by death.
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