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This page is only meant to provide a general outline of what an exhibit in the Since Stonewall Contest might look like. Actual exhibits should have much more detail and depth as well as images, sound and video files.

LGBTQ Life in Everytown, State Name: 1985-2009

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Over the past 40 years, LGBTQ life as changed dramatically in Everytown. The Stonewall Riots had little impact on Everytown. But organizing in Everytown was spurred in response to the AIDS epidemic. While the LGBTQ community has become more organized and more overt, discrimination persists. Same-sex families are rare in Everytown and LGBTQ parents' rights are far from secure. In recent decades, transwomen have been the subject of several violent attacks.[1]

Exhibit Pages:

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-What happened (or didn't) in Everytown on June 28, 1969?

-LGBTQ Community Spaces in Everytown, USA

-Everytown Oral History Interviews

-LGBTQ Life in Everytown Today


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-January 14, 1981 - HIV/AIDS epidemic reaches Everytown

-March, 24 1986 - Gay bar in Everytown opens

-December, 1992 - Legal battle erupts over lesbian mother's rights in local divorce case

-October,1996 - First LGBTQ rights organization in Everytown is created

-February, 2003 - Gender and Sexuality studies course offered at local college

-January, 2009 - Brutal trans-bashing reported in Everytown


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  1. Julie George, "Transwoman Badly Hurt," Everytown News, March 26, 2008. p.1

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