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The following table lists Pulp Nonfiction books published to 1975. The books listed below are but a sample of the HIC’s collection. In time, the covers of hundreds of pulp fiction books from the HIC and other notable national collections will be here for public browsing.


Except where noted, the books listed here were collected by Don Slater through his work for ONE, Incorprated, and the Homosexual Information Center (HIC). These texts will be archived and available for public viewing at the Vern and Bonnie Bullough Collection on Sex and Gender, a Special Collection within Oviatt Library, California State University at Northridge.

This exhibit will strive to be as comprehensive as possible, and to that aim we encourage comments and submissions from those knowledgeable in the field. If you would like to submit authors profiles, book reviews, insights, or corrections for this section of the exhibit, please contact Dr. White at todd@tangentroup.org. Where necessary, copyright information and rights must be provided in order for us to publish the materials.

NOTE: Readers are invited to submit abstracts and reviews of these volumes.


Title Author Publisher Year
Anatomy of Love, The Krich, Aron Dell Publishing Co. 1960
Erotic in Literature, The: A Historical Survey of Pornography as Delightful as it is Indiscrete Loth, David Macfadden-Bartell Corporation 1962
Female Offender, The Lombroso, Cesare and William Ferrero Philosophical Library 1958
Gay Urges Wade, Carlson L.S. Publications Corp. 1967
Gay World, The: Male Homosexuality and the Social Creation of Evil Hoffman, Martin Bantum Books 1968
Homosexual Uprising, The Karlson, Eric Adult Books 1967
Homosexuality: The International Disease Hanson, Doris L. S. Publications Corp. 1965
Lonely Sex, The (Mail Order Vice) Wade, Carlson L. S. Publications Corp. 1965
Love and Orgasm Lowen, Alexander New American Library 1967
Man-Lovers, The Kuster, Earl ZIL Inc. 1967
Mr. Marlowe: Confessions of a Male Madam Marlowe, Kenneth Paperback Library, Inc. 1965
Must You Conform? Lindner, Robert Grove Press, Inc. 1961
Psychiatrist Looks at Erotica, A Klaf, Franklin S. and B. J. Hurwood Ace Books 1964
Queer Path Wade, Carlson L.S. Publications Corp. 1968
Sexual Behavior in the Human Female Institute for Sex Research Saunders (Pocket Books) 1953
Sexual Deviations: Lesbianism, Incest, Bisexuality, Exhibitionism, Homosexuality London, Louis S. and Frank S. Caprio Universal Publishing and Distributing Corporation 1968
Sexual Feeling in Married Men and Women Kelly, G. Lombard Affiliated Publishers 1961
Smut Peddlers, The Kilpatrick, James Jackson The Hearst Corporation 1960
Someone You May Know Konraad, William Book Company of America 1965
Spanking: Sex or Sadism? Jones, Hugh Brandon House 1965

Text by C. Todd White. Copyright (©) by C. Todd White, 2008. All rights reserved.
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