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{{Curated Exhibit|exhibit name and link=[[The Pre-Gay Era in the USA]]|firstname=C. Todd|lastname=White}}
{{Curated Exhibit|exhibit name and link=[[The Pre-Gay Era in the USA]]|firstname=C. Todd|lastname=White}}
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Books Pertaining to the Pre-Gay Era in the United States

Listed by Author

Alwood, Edward
1996. Straight News: Gays, Lesbians, and the News Media. New York: Columbia University Press.
1948. The Circle of Sex. San Francisco: Pan-Graphic Press.
Armstrong, Elizabeth A.
2002. Forging Gay Identities: Organizing Sexuality in San Francisco, 1950–1994. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Arthur, Gavin
1948. The Invert. London: Baillere, Tindall and Cox. (Parts were orig, published in 1927.)
Atkins, Gary L.
2003. Gay Seattle: Stories of Exile and Belonging. Seattle: University of Washington Press.
Bérubé, Allan
1991. Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two. New York: Plume.
Boyd, Nan Alamilla
2003. Wide Open Town: A History of Queer San Francisco to 1965. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Branson, Helen P.
1957. Gay Bar. San Francisco: Pan-Graphic Press
Bullough, Vern L.
1979. Homosexuality: A History. New York: New Meridian Library.
Bullough, Vern L., editor. Judith M. Saunders and Sharon Valente, assoc. editors. C. Todd White, asst. editor.
Before Stonewall: Activists for Gay and Lesbian Rights in Historical Context. Binghamton, NY: Harrington Park Press.
Cain, Paul D.
2002. Leading the Parade: Conversations with America’s Most Influential Lesbians and Gay Men. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press. (Forward by Jack Nichols.)
Chesser, Eustace
1959. Odd Man Out: Homosexuality in Men and Women. London: Victor Gollancz.
D’Emilio, John
1983. Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities: The Making of a Homosexual Minority in the United States, 1940–1970. Chicago: University of Chicago Press
2002. The World Turned: Essays on Gay History, Politics, and Culture. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Duberman, Martin
1991 [1986]. About Time: Exploring the Gay Past. New York: Meridian.
1993. Stonewall. New York: Dutton.
Duberman, Martin Bauml, Martha Vicinus, and George Chancuy, Jr.
1989. Hidden From History: Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past. New York: New American Library.
Faderman, Lillian and Stuart Timmons
2005. Gay L. A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick Lesbians. New York: Basic Books.
Fone, Byrne R. S.
1995. A Road to Stonewall: Male Homosexuality and Homophobia in English and American Literature, 1750–1969. New York: Twayne Publishers.
Gallo, Marcia
2006. Different Daughters: A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Rise of the Lesbian Rights Movement. New York: Carroll & Graf.
Gerassi, John
1966. The Boys of Boise: Furor, Vice, and Folly in an American City. New York: The Macmillan Company.
Hansen, Joseph
1998. A Few Doors West of Hope: The Life and Times of Dauntless Don Slater. Universal City, CA: Homosexual Information Center.
Hay, Harry with Will Roscoe, editor
1996. Radically Gay: Gay Liberation in the Words of its Founder. Boston: Beacon Press.
Humphreys, Laud
1972. Out of the Closets: The Sociology of Homosexual Liberation. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Hurewitz, Daniel
2007. Bohemian Los Angeles and the Making of Modern Politics. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Jorgensen, Christine
2000 [1967]. Christine Jorgensen: A Personal Autobiography. San Francisco: Cleis Press. Introduction by Susan Stryker.
Johnson, David K.
2004. The Lavender Scare: The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Kaiser, Charles
1998. The Gay Metropolis 1940–1996. London: Weidenfield & Nicolson.
Katz, Jonathan Ned
1972. Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A. New York: Meridian Books. (Revised in 1992.)
1983. Gay/Lesbian Almanac: A New Documentary. New York: Harper and Row.
1996. The Invention of Heterosexuality. New York: Dutton.
Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky and Madeline D. Davis.
1993. Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community. New York: Routledge.
Kepner, Jim
1998. Rough News, Daring Views: 1950s’ Pioneer Gay Press Journalism. Binghamton, NY: Harrington Park Press.
Legg, W. Dorr
Homosexuals Today 1956: A Handbook of Organizations & Publications. Los Angeles: ONE, Incorporated.
Legg, W. Dorr, editor. Walter L. Williams and David G. Cameron, associate editors. Donald C. Paul, managing editor.
Homophile Studies in Theory and Practice. San Francisco: ONE Institute Press and GLB Publishers.
Marcus, Eric
1992. Making History: The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Equal Rights, 1945–1990. An Oral History. New York: HarperCollins.
2002. Making Gay History: The Half-Century Fight for Lesbian and Gay Equal Rights. New York: Perennial.
Murdoch, Joyce and Deb Price
2001. Courting Justice: Gay Men and Lesbians v. the Supreme Court. New York: Basic Books.
Nardi, Peter M., David Sanders, and Judd Marmor
1994. Growing Up Before Stonewall: Life Stories of Some Gay Men. New York: Routledge.
Nealon, Christopher
2001. Foundlings: Lesbian and Gay Historical Emotion Before Stonewall. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Newton, Esther
1993. Cherry Grove, Fire Island: Sixty Years in America’s First Gay and Lesbian Town. Boston: Beacon Press.
Sears, James T.
2007. Behind the Mask of the Mattachine: The Hal Call Chronicles and the Early Movement for Homosexual Emancipation. Binghampton, NY: Harrington Park Press.
Streitmatter, Rodger
1995. Unspeakable: The Rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press in America. Boston: Faber and Faber.
Timmons, Stuart
1990. The Trouble with Harry Hay: Founder of the Modern Gay Movement. Boston: Alyson Publications.
Williams, Walter L. and Yolanda Retter
2003. Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States: A Documentary History. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.
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